Fresh & Frozen Products
More than 430 of the finest fresh & frozen foodstuffs chosen from local sources to ensure the best selection & choice.

Pampeano Corned Beef (2.72kg tin)


Dan.MaidChop.Pork(1.81kg. tin)



Oatmeal 25kg bag

Yeungs Curry Mix 12pack.

Tuna Chunks 1.88kg.(brine)

Dried Apricots (2kg)

Mayonnaise pail 5 litre

Mayonnaise 2 litre

Flora Portions (200's)

Jam portions (100x20g.)

Butter Portions 100'

Marmalade Portions (100x20g)

Coleslaw salad 2kg.

Baked Potatoes 8 x 4

Beef Dripping 24x500g

Clootie Dumpling (each)



Cheddar Cheese  (kg,)

Mature Coloured Cheddar (kg)


Grated cheese 2kg. bag

Auld Lochnagar (kg)

Auld Reekie (kg)

Lochnagar (kg)

Lairig Ghru (kg)

Cambus O'May (kg)



Swords Potato Scones (Code 159)

Swords Apple Turnover (Code 518)

Swords Bulk Shortcrust Sweet 5lb (code 20)

Bulk Pasrty Thin (Code 10)

Swords Bulk Pastry (5 thin) (code12)

Swords Bulk Pastry (5 thick) (Code 13)

Swords Puff Pastry Roll (code 11)

Swords Lrge Scotch Roll (dough) (Code 504)

Swords Mini Pie Shells (code 39)

Swords No. 3 Mince Rounds (Code 53)

Swords Puff Pastry Pie Lids 60's (code 35)

Swords Large Puff Pie Lids (Code 58)

Swords Puff Pastry Disc (Code 201)

Swords Frozen Puff Pastry (250g) (Code 406)

Swords Frozen Puff Pastry 500g (Code 407)

Shrotcrust Pastry (Code 211)

Swords Puff Pastry 24x 340gms (code 210)

Swords Mini Pie Shell Lids (code 36)

Swords Quiche/Flan case(code 384)

Swords Quiche/flan case (code599)

Swords Individual Quiche/Flan Cases (Code 587)

Swords N0. 4 Ashet (Code 48)

Sword Apple Tart (code 140)

Swords Bridies - Frozen (30's) (Code 130)

Swords Steak/Kidney Bases (Code 396)

Swords Steak/Kidney Lid (Code 262)

Sword C/O Sm bridie (code 299)

Swords Mince Round lid (code 566)

Sword 3/4 Cut Out (Code 551/42)

Swords 1lb.Cut outs (Code 550/43)

Swords Cutouts 1/2lb (Code 41)

Swords Cutouts 3/4lb (Code 42)

Swords Shortcrust Pastry Rolls Savory (code 19)

Swords Doughballs (6) (Code 365)

Swords Jumbo Sausage Rolls (Code 165)

Large Scotch Dumpling (code 13094)

Swords Mince Round Bases (Code 394)

Swords No. 5 Small Oval Lids (Code 50)

Swords Pork Pies (Code 324)

Scotch Pie Lids (Code 34/257)

Swords Puff Pastry (case) (Code 17)

Swords Scotch Pie Shells 60's (code108)

Swords Rhubarb Tart (code 141)

Swords Sliced Dumpling (9x6) (Code333)

Swords Shortcrust Pastry (case) (Code 18)

Swords Tart Linings (Code 157)

Swords Traditional Cornish Pasties (Code 026)

Swords Vegetable Pakora



Mckenzie's Black Bun (10pcs)

Mckenzie Butter Biscuits (18pkts)

Mckenzie's Bran and Oat Biscuits

McKenzie Thick Oatcakes(box)

McKenzie`s Thin Oatcakes(case)

Donald's Oatcakes(25pkts)



Very Large Eggs kt.(doz)

Very Large Eggs PP  (doz)

Large Eggs kt (doz)

Large Eggs PP (doz)

Medium Eggs kt (doz)

Medium Eggs PP(doz)

Duck Eggs (doz)

Quail Eggs (doz)

Free Range Eggs Lge (pp)

Plain Packaging (20 doz)

Plain Packaging  (Bundle)



Traditional Roast Pork(kg)

Cooked Beef 100% (kg.)

Carving Ham (kg.)

Traditional Honey Roast Ham (kg)

Traditional Pepper Ham (kg)

Smoked Traditional Gammon (kg.)

Trad.Cooked Gammon.(kg)

Yorkshire Ham (kg)


Danish Salami (stick)

Garlic Sausage (1kg stick)

Gammon Log (kg.)



Haggis Bung - (1lb)

Haggis Puddings (10x 4oz.)

Haggis Puddings (10x5oz)

Haggis Puddings 2s

Haggis Puddings - 3 Pack (240gms)

Speyside's Haggis Sleeve (3lb)

Haggis Pudding Sliced (2's)

Haggis Puddings Sliced (4's)

White Puddings 2s

White Puddings 3's

White Puddings Natural 10x4oz

White Puddings (10x 4oz.)

White Puddings (10 x 5oz)

2's White Pudding 5oz

4's White Puddings

White Pudding Sleeve (3lb)

Black Puddings (10 x 5oz.)

Black Puddings(10x4oz)

Black Puddings 2s

Speyside's Black Pudding Sleeve (3lb)

Black Pudding Sliced (2's)

Black Pudding Sliced (4's)

Natural Black Puddings 2's

Black Puddings 4's

Red Puddings(10x4oz)

Red Puddings (10 x 5oz)

Red Puddings 2s

Oatmeal Stuffing (440gms)

Oatmeal Stuffing (340gms)

Oatmeal Stuffing (kg.)

Speyside's Sliced Polony (2's)

Slicing Polony (stick)

Speyside's Sliced Polony (4's)



Green Gammon Bone-in (kg.)

Green Gammon - Visking No. 12 (kg)

Green Gammon B/R (kg.)

Horseshoe Gammon(kg)

Smoked Gammon Bone-in.(kg.)

Smoked Gammon B/R (kg.)

Smoked Horseshoe Gammon (kg)

Ayr Gigot (kg)

Ayrshire Middle (kg)

Streaky Bacon (kg.)

Smoked Streaky Bacon (kg)

Danish Flat Backs (kg)

Scottish Flat Backs (kg)

Dry Cured Flat Back U/S. (kg)

Dry Cured Smoked Flat Back (kg)

Dry Cured Streaky (kg)

Dry Cured Smoked Streaky (kg)

Dutch Smoked Flat Back (kg)


Green Houghs (kg)

Smoked Houghs (weight) (kg)

Gammon Steaks(kg.)

Gammon Steaks Smoked (kg)

Bacon Trim (kg.)

Smoked Ham Ribs (kg.)



Bone In Pork Shoulder (kg)

Boneless Pork Loin(kg)

Boneless Pork Shoulder (kg)

Pork Fat (kg)

PorkLegs(Boned & Rolled)kg

Pig Tongues (kg)

Pork Belly Bone-In (kg)

Pork Trim (kg)

Fresh Pork Fillet (kg)

Diced Pork (kg)

Gigot of Pork (kg)

Pigs Trotters



Fresh Trussed Chick.3lb+(kg)

Fresh Trussed Chick.4lb+(kg)

Fresh Trussed Chick.5lb+(kg)

Fresh Chickens U/T3lb+(kg)

Fresh Chickens U/T4lb+(kg)

Fresh ChickensU/T5lb+(kg)

Fresh T/w Chick.3lb+ (kg)

Fresh T/w Chick.4lb+(kg)

Fresh T/w Chix. 5lb+ (kg)

Free Range Chickens (kg)

Fresh Supremes(kg.)

Fresh Supremes Skin-on

Fresh Dutch Fillets(10kg.)

Fresh Fillets 200/260g (kg.)

Fresh Fillets 140/200g(kg)

Fresh Fillets Skin-On (kg)

Fresh Chicken Legs (kg.)

Fresh Chicken Crowns (kg.)


Fresh Chicken Wings(kg)

Boneless Chicken Thighs (kg)

Fresh Chicken Thighs(kg.)



Stripped Chicken Meat (2.5kg)

F.B.WaverleySaddle (kg)

Fenton Gold.Turkey Saddle.(kg)

FB.Chicken Roll 1.36kg(each)



Pheasants (each)

Pheasant Breasts (each)

Quails O/R

O/R Rabbit (each)

Woodcock (each)

Guinea Fowl (kg)

Guinea Fowl Breasts (kg.)


Snipe (each)

Pigeons (each)

Pigeon Breasts

Partridge (each)

Mallard Duck (each)

Saddle of Venison(kg)

Venison Trim (kg)

Fresh Haunch Venison (kg)

Boneless Venison Haunch (kg)

Venison Shoulder(kg.)

Venison Steaks (kg)

Boneless Venison Striploin (kg)

Roe Deer (kg)



Frozen Cut Leeks (10 x 1kg.)

F.P.Diced Swede(10x1kg)

Casserole Mix 10 x 1kg.

F. P. Diced Carrots (10x1kg)

F.P.Macedoine 10x1kg.

w/ward Choice Peas 10 x 1kg.

F.P. Baby Carrots 12x907gm

Parsnips (12 x 900gms)

W/ward Sliced Green Beans 10 x1kg.

WW..Cauliflower10 x 1kg.

W/w Button Sprouts 10 x 1kg.

w/ward sweetcorn 10x 1kg.

w/ward Mix. Vegetables 10x 1kg.

F.P. Mixed  Peppers (10x1kg)

w/ward sliced peppers 10 x 1kg.

W/ward  Broccoli 10 x 1kg.



Back Bacon 2.27kg

Smoked Back Bacon Sliced (2.27kg)

Back Bacon Unsmoked (200 gms)

Dry Cured Sliced Back (kg)

Dry Cured Streaky (kg)

Dry Cured Smoked Back (kg)

Dry Cured Smoked Streaky

Back Bacon Smoked  (200g)

Sliced Middle Bacon (kg)

Sliced Smoked Streaky Bacon (kg)

Sliced Streaky Bacon (kg)

Sliced Streaky 3lb. pack

Sliced streaky (20 x 250gms)



Frozen Pork Loins (kg)

Frozen Pork Belly Ribs(kg)

Frozen Pork Fillets (kg)


MEAT - LAMB (Fresh & Frozen)

Frozen Lamb Legs(kg)

Lamb Legs B/less (kg)

Frozen Lamb Shanks (kg)

Frozen Lamb Loins (kg)

Frzn. B/less Mutton Legs(kg)

Frozen Lamb Kidney (kg)

Frozen Lamb Livers(kg)

Lamb Shanks FRESH


MEAT - (Butchered)

Sausagemeat (kg)

Chipolata Sausages (kg)

Chipolata Sausages Kilted (20's)kg.

Pork Sausages (kg)

Frozen Ox Liver(kg)

Ox Tails (kg)

Fresh Ox Liver (kg)

Beef Olives (kg)

Beef Topside B/R

Fresh Mince (kg.)

Minced Pork (kg)

Minced Turkey (kg)

Stewing Steak (kg)

Diced Lamb (kg)



Frozen Chicken Hearts (kg)

Frozen Chicken Livers(kg)

Carcasses (kg)



Fresh Ducks (kg)

Frozen Ducks Manor Farm 2.4kg.(kg)

Frozen Ducks Manor Farm 2.8kg(kg)

Duck Breast Fillets (kg)

Frozen Geese 3- 5kg. (kg)

Frozen Geese 6kg+ (kg)

Fresh Gressingham Geese (kg)


POULTRY - TURKEYS (Fresh & Frozen)

Fr.Froz.Turkeys (kg)



FreshTurkeyButterflies UK (kg)

Fresh Turkey Butterflies (Non UK) kg

Frozen Turkey Butterflies (non UK)

Fresh Turkeys (kg)

Fresh Turkeys 10kg+

Fresh Free Range Turkeys (kg)



Fresh Capons 6lb+ (2.72kg)

Fresh Capons 7lb+ (3.18kg)

Fresh Capons8lb+ (3.62kg)

Fresh Capons9lb+ (4.08kg)

Fresh Capons 10lb+ (4.53kg)



Porters Caramel Squares dark

Porters Caramel Squares light

Porters Snowballs

Porters Sausage Rolls

Porters Raspberry Cups

Porters Toffee Cups

Porters Apple Bradies

Porters Apple Tart

Porters balmoral Buns

Porters Bradies

Porters Bridal Slice

Porters Butteries (4's)

Porters Butter Bisc

Porters Cherry Cake

Porters Chocolate Chip

Porters Caramel Fudge

Porters Chocolate Iced Sponge

Porters Caramel Iced Sponge

Porters Date Scones

Porters Eccles Cakes

Porters Eves Pudding

Porters Flaky Apple Pie

Porter's Flaky Mincemeat Pies

Porters Gypsy Creams

Porters Ginger Sponge

Porters Iced Queen cakes

Porters Iced Shortbread

Porters Layer Cake

Porters Lemon merinque pie

Porters Lancashire Nuts

Porters Macaroon Drops

Porters Macaroon Shells

Porters Apple Crumble

Porters Assorted Fancies

Porters Pineapple/Raspberry Cups

Porters Pancakes (4's)

Porters Battenburg Squares

Porters Cheese Cakes(4's)

Porters Caramel Krispies

Porters Currant Loaf

Porters Chicken pies

Porters Coconut Rice

Porters Fruit Cake

Porters Fruit Squares

Porters Ginger Biscuits

Porters Ginger Crunch

Porters Jam & Cream Sponge

Porters Jam Tart

Porters Madeira Cake

Porters Melting Moments

Porters Macaroni pies

Porters Merg.shells

Porters Oatcakes

Porters Perkins

Porters Pineapple Cups

Porters Peppermint Slice

Porters Rhubarb Crumble

Porters Paradise Slab

Porters Assorted Shortbread

Porters Tiffen Slice

Porters Vol au Vants (x6)

Porters Wagon Wheels

Porters Queen Cakes(6)

Porters Rice

Porters Rock cakes

Porters Sultana Crunch

Porters Softies

Porters Brown Baps

Porters Sugar Rice biscs.

Porters Swiss Roll (Choc)

Porters Swiss roll jam

Porters viennese

Porters Butter Puffs

Porters Coffee Biscs.



Sinclairs Apple Tart

Sinclairs Butteries (x4)

Sinclairs Brown (small) Loaf

Sinclairs Bridge Rolls (x6)

Sinclairs Bridal Slabs

Sinclairs Cheese Butteries (x4)

Sinclairs Cherry Cakes

Sinclairs Custard Creams

Sinclairs Cheese Hardies

Sinclairs Cream Shortbread

Sinclairs Date & Walnut Cakes

Sinclairs Fancy Cakes (x4)

Sinclairs French Cakes (x3)

Sinclairs Farmhouse (small) Loaf

Sinclairs Farmhouse (large) Loaf

Sinclairs Five Seed Springers (x4)

Sinclairs Medium Brown Springers (x4)

Sinclairs Fruit Cake

Sinclairs Mini Brown Softies (x8)

Sinclairs Multi Seed Loaf (small)

Sinclairs Mini White Baps (x8)

Sinclairs Medium White Springers (x4)

Sinclairs Oaties

Sinclairs Softies (x4)

Sinclairs Apple Tart (small)

Sinclairs Shortbread Fingers (150g)

Sinclairs Sugar Free Softies (x4)

Sinclairs Sausage Rolls (Cocktail) x 6

Sinclairs Rhubarb Tart (small)

Sinclairs Viennese Whirls (x4)




CookedBeef 80%Sliced(454gms)

Easy Slice Ham (454gms)

Shaved Honey Roast Ham 500g

Corned Beef Sliced (500gms)

Chop. Ham & Pork Sliced(500gm)

Trad. Ham Sliced (500gms)

Scottish Mature With Arran Mustard (500g)

Scottish Mature With Heather Honey (500g)

Smoked Trad. Ham (500g)

Chicken Roll Sliced (454gms)

Turkey Breast Sliced (500gms)



Sliced Halls Chopped Pork (125gms)

Borders Gourmet RoastHam 100% (100gms)

Sliced Heather Honey Ham (130g)

Scottish Mature Ham with Arran Mustard (130gm)

Borders Gourmet Turkey Breast 100% (100gm)

Halls Sliced Corned Beef (100gms)

Borders Gourmet Roast Beef 100%(80gms)

Sliced Roast Pork(130gms)



Scott's White Pudding Natural (kg)

Scott's Gluten Free Haggis (kg)

Scott`s Haggis wrapped (kg)

Scott's Haggis Natural (kg)

Vegetarian Haggis (kg)



Grant's Black Pudding 5oz.

Black Pudding Stick(Grants)



Fruit Pudding Stick (Frozen)